About me

I have spent the majority of the last 6 years helping to run my family's French hotel barge business alongside my mother. I now have a full understanding across all areas of the company, often taking full responsibility.

Facing numerous challenges, I have developed many varied skills. Recently developing and managing a new website, including all front end coding, SEO, photography and content. I have designed a new brochure, alongside numerous print; magazine advertisements, information leaflets and promotional material. I have also directed various short promotional films.

Maintaining the barge is something I play a major part in, built in 1926 she requires constant work - construction, plumbing, eclectics, mechanics and decorating. Recently I have built bathrooms and radically upgraded the galley.

I have trained and managed the crew of 6 in their varied job descriptions, helping to maintain a level of customer service to meet our high standards, whilst balancing the day-to-day strains for the crew of working and living on a hotel barge.

I pride myself upon my work ethic and attention to detail, I don’t shy away from responsibility and I always aim to improve the team, boat, business and myself. I manage with a friendly approach, leading by example. I am quick to learn and enjoy the challenge of developing new skills.