• BBC's British Garden's in Time
  • August - January 2013
  • Online

I was camera assistant for BBC producer Ant Palmer - travelling to numerous locations and helping him to work efficiently in a high pressure industry.

I also produced numberous graphics which featured within the show.

  • Boom Boom Go
  • July 2013
  • Online

During an internship; I took the opportunity to spend numerous days filming various short clip tutorials. Working within a London film studio, I recorded sound, arranged the lighting and worked the second camera.

I impressed with my ability to get involved, awareness of which jobs needed to be done and quick understanding of systems/technology.

  • Hotel Barge Luciole
  • 23 November, 2015
  • Online

I played a major role in the filming of promotional videos for the Luciole, taking on the responsibility of director alongside producer Anthony Palmer.

I determined the content to cover within the film over a tight 6 day period. Using my knowledge of the region to prepare a very detailed and efficient time schedule - organizing the film crew, barge location, barge staff and various actors. I also created a detailed plan of shot locations regarding the boats position and time of day.

Due to my competence in organisation and management regarding the filming; I have aided Anthony Palmer on various other film projects, including the British Gardens in Time program as seen above.

  • North to South Vietnam by motorbike
  • February 2013

Clips taken from an adventure in which two friends and I travelled 3200km on motorbikes the length of Vietnam.